About us

We are a team of young and ambitious people who are helping your business through the latest and most effective forms of Internet marketing. We are specializing in creating websites, managing and tracking Google Ads campaigns and other social media as well.

What do we do

In addition to advertising services on Google platforms (Search, Display, YouTube, Dynamic Ads Advertising, Mobile App Advertising, Remarketing), ED-Vision also takes care of your appearance on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Objectives and results

Our goal is clear – we help companies launch their business on social media, plan, implement and analyze quality marketing campaigns that will bring business improvement and greater visibility.

Our references are showing how much we love this business and how proud we are of the results.

Why Ed-Vision

  • We have been engaged in internet marketing since 2012
  • We have the experience and skills necessary to grow your business
  • We understand the needs of clients and different industries
  • We are approaching each client individually
  • We are hardworking, flexible and creative
  • We do our best to always get the client more than we agreed
  • We share our clients' goals

“Let us meet, together we can beat your competition”

Others about us

Ademir Vrabac (Hotel Tehnograd) 
I would warmly recommend Ed-Vision for all those who would like to design or re-design a website for their company. Ed-Vision is very co-operative and forthcoming in every sense of communication.
Nihad Softić (SchoolandSchool) 
Nihad Softić (School and School) They are professional in every sense of the word. What is the most important in our case, they are available at any time. Great team!
Sead Jahić (IDEA-Co) 
What makes Ed-Vision different from other agencies is their great knowledge of IT tools, as well as the great knowledge of the production processes. On such good basis, Ed-Vision offers tailor-made solutions for every client.
Senada Moralić (HST CNC Technik)
It is really respectful that they resolve the issues immediatelly, so whenever I am abroad, I do not have to worry if something goes wrong. They are really friendly, professional and they respect their clients. We have great experience with Ed-Vision, and we believe that other clients share our opinion.
Mirna Širbegovic (Mirna doo)
Their team has a professional attitude to every task, and they are available 24/7. With constant changes in technologies, we recommend them for investments into education and trend following.
Senad Šehagić (BEMABA d.o.o.)
Odlikuje ih brza reakcija i prilagodljivost našim zahtjevima. EdVision se pokazao kao naš vrijedan i pouzdan saradnik i radujemo se što vidimo da vremenom napreduju i pružaju usluge za sve veći broj zadovoljnih klijenata.
Armin Šuvalić (prijevodi.ba)
When you see 24/7 on their website, it is not just a cliché expression, but only a confirmation of the accuracy of this team in every domain of their business. As I personally had a chance to see this great communication and forthcomingness of Ed-Vision team, I would recommend everyone not to hesitate too much if they are planning to take some services from their offer …

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