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Google Ads ED-Vision
Want to be at the very top of Google Search?

Advertise your products and services on Google

Today, there is almost no person who does not use Google search, YouTube, does not have a smartphone with applications, does not use Gmail or does not surf the Internet.

Most online and offline sales are the result of using Internet searches or consuming internet contents. If you want to do business successfully in the 21st century, you and your brand need to be present and visible on the Internet.

Google Adwords will help your potential customers to get to your website.

Fast results

Your ads will start running shortly after the campaign launches, so your future customers will instantly find about you.


Your ads appear to users just as they search for your product or service on Google.

Saving money

Reduces costs and increases efficiency.

Start package

professional setings
300.00 a month
  • up to 3 campaigns
  • keywords
  • campaign display
  • remarketing campaigns
  • detailed reporting

Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads (Display Advertising) allows us to target users by displaying ads on the Google Display Network (GDN).

Google Ads Display oglasi ED-Vision

This display network includes all those websites that have signed an agreement with Google to display ads, as well as specific Google websites such as Gmail, YouTube and others..

The GDN network reaches up to 90% of Internet users in BiH and around the world, and includes over 2 million websites (this number is increasing on a daily basis). Advertising itself has several good features such as targeting

Google Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to track users who have previously visited your website or Facebook page, and to see your ads. Using messages tailored to your audience, remarketing helps you remind your potential customers to return to your website and finalize sales.

You can precisely select the people and websites you want to target with your ads by "manually" selecting sites, such as industry-leading sites we advertise, or automatically on sites related to a particular topic.

Such campaign raises awareness of your brand and in many cases leads to an increase in website revenue, purchases, registrations or requests for newsletter (notifications)… Ads can be in the form of text, images (banners), interactive animations or videos and contain products and services that are visitors viewed on your website.

The remarketing process begins by placing a pixel (code) on a site or page that we have selected as a keyword and whose visitors (or visitors who perform a specific action on the page) will be placed on the Remarketing list.

When, after a certain period, we realize that we have a sufficient number of people in our database, we choose the type of campaign we will use.

Google Ads Remarketing ED-Vision

Where do all Google Ads appear?

Want to be at the very top of Google? Then it's time to place your ad on Google today! Why Google Ads? Google Ads is a way of paid advertising on the Internet where your ads appear only when user searces for a specific keyword that you have chosen to advertise. In other words, you only advertise to tose who are interested in your services and products!

Google Ads search ED-Vision
Google search network

Place your ads on the Google search network. Your ad appears in text form in search results for specific keywords.

Google Ads search ED-Vision
Google Display Network

Oglas može biti i u slikovnom obliku koji može biti prikazan na više od milion web lokacija i aplikacija. Postoji i remarketing opcija pomoću koje ponovno dolazimo do bivših posjetitelja web stranice.

Google Ads YouTube oglasi ED-Vision
YouTube ads

Plasirajte video ili display oglase prije drugih! Neka Vas online korisnici vide kraj i ispred YouTube pretraživanja ili unutar videozapisa koji trenutno gledaju.

Google Ads Gmail oglasi ED-Vision
Gmail ads
Reach users where they spend the most time, and that’s in online mailboxes. Users can read the ads and forward them to their friends if they wish.
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