You want your organization to be on the front page of Google search? Then use Google My Business – your digital visit card which contains the necessary data about your organization, which will help your potential client find you.

The old saying “Think globally, act locally” is also applicable for your representation on the Internet. The companies not only differ by their services, but also by the place where they provide it, and the way they communicate their visitors.

All those who would like to have information, product or service will just find what you are offering. Use this powerful marketing tool which enables you to manage your online presence on Google and call your new potential clients to visit you.

Your online visit card

Google launched Google My Business in 2014, aiming to gather all its tools and resources necessary for business advertising on Google platforms. Make yourself visible during every search by using Google My Business. Google My Business is the most extensive and most accessible online car, which sets you on the top of Google search, showing your main data such as an address, telephone, website, working time… This makes clients to choose and find you, by providing answers to three most important questions: where are you, what do you offer, when do you work and how to reach you.

Users usually search the network several times a day in order to find the right information to make it easier for them. There are many requests about the high SEO rating on a local level, but the best place for the beginning is to start your local SEO by using Google My Business. If you are not on top or in the top 10 offers, then you are wasting tens of potential clients, because Google is nowadays the most credible source.

Thanks to Google My Business, top of search always belongs to the local businesses, which is in comparison to paid advertisements, this marketing tool-free.

Why should you have to Google My Business?

Google platform presence is great free marketing. This Google online platform, on one hand, helps organizations to enlarge their online visibility, and on the other hand, helps online users to find organizations and businesses in their local area.

Google ultimately aims to connect more efficiently the user with the aim of their search. One of the largest benefits you can have of your profile on Google My Business is the place on the first page of Google search when searching on Google.

Namely, researches confirm that buyers decide on the basis of online information. Three of four persons who find useful information about the business organization online will probably visit it offline if it has a physical location. It needs to be taken into consideration that 80% of all searches complete their search on the first page, and only a few of them go on the second page. Therefore it is very important that your potential buyer easily finds you and does not end on the website of your competitor. On the other hand, people believe in the contents found on the first page of Google. That is why Google My Business is that important!

Apart from the fact that business organization needs to have a web side adjusted to various devices, it also needs to make a constant presence on the search machine. Google My Business will make your business information available disregarding the type of device of the user. That way you will take over the control over the contents that users see when they search for your organization.

Google My Business enables easy posting and updating of your organization profile, in order for you to be more visible and attract your clients easier. Google My Busines is necessary if you want to be visible on the online map and list of local organizations. Google My Business emphasizes your business in the search results and includes it on its list as soon as the search occurs in your area. Organisation profile is shown on the right side whenever potential clients search your organization or similar organisation on Google search or maps.

Google My Business offers tools for updating of organization profile, web location development and communication with clients such as telephone, tablet or PC. Although there are other ways for users to find you on the front page of Google, such as advertising, this is a simple, fast, easy and extremely valuable tool by which you control, indeks and show relevant information about your business, post photos, videos and other contents that users make about your business on a one place, gathering information about how to visit your website and influences your SEO.

How to edit Google My Business?

Taking into consideration that we are visual beings, and that most people appreciates the environment of a certain place, it is really important to post photos on your Google My Business profile. Photos you post-show why your company is unique, and potential users get a clear image of what you are offering. Your present clients can also post a photo or review within Google My Business. More good photos and positive experiences means more new clients.

Apart from fulfilling basic information and posing photos, you can create Google posts, get reviews and statistic views. You will get key data such as number of users that viewed your business on a local scale, how many persons clicked on your website and how many persons asked for directions, how users communicate with you, how did they find you, where are they from, which photos attract the most attention and view comparison of your and similar companies.

A very important advantage is the interaction with potential clients. Companies have two ways to connect with their potential clients:

Google posts are a very efficient way in which companies can advertise their offers, news, events, series, and updates. These posts occur on Google search and maps.

Google messages enable direct communication with users and you can immediately reply to your potential users.

Also, online users can leave their comments and reviews of your business, which are very important for potential buyers, but also for your SEO optimization on a local scale. You will be the first to find out if someone left a review, so you can provide a prompt reply because lately, users pay more attention to comments of other people. These comments will help you get separate from other companies in your branch. Apart from your name and address, you can also see stars, which are actually grades of your company.

Those grades are one of the most important things your potential users are checking when deciding about buying your product or services on Google My Business profile. Start a conversation to get loyal clients.

Using this tool, users can find your organisation (online and offline), get key information based on which they will easily decide if they will visit you or no (working time, popular time of visit, directions on how to reach you.), and overview on Google Maps enables that all those who come to you for the first time will easily find you using navigation without any worries.

What is important for Google My Business account?

As an Internet marketing tool, Google My Business enables you to offer a service to your clients who exactly need what you offer. Make their path easier to find you!

Have in mind that putting only the name of your organization is not enough. New clients do not know exactly the name of your organization, but they search the Internet by the activity, certain product or location that they need. If someone does not find you in its search, then you missed something during the entering your business data. The more data you enter, the bigger the chances you have to find new clients who still do not know about you.

Having your Google My Business profile is extremely important, but its regular editing and maintaining is something that must be continuously done. Only with continuous editing you will use its full capacities, and your website and business will not be under the potential risks which are carried by unmaintained Google My Business profile.

Professional maintenance of Google My Business account

Maintenance of Google My Business account becomes more important with every day and Google invests great resources into the promotion of this tool, especially with the integration of it into local SEO results.

The account setup process may be simple, but some small mistakes which will completely influence your local rating often occur.

Just as there is a difference between creation and website maintenance, so is the case with Google My Business, where you constantly get new possibilities that are important for your business and website that needs to be maintained.

It is important that the name, address, working time, telephone are consistent on all your online profiles, as they easily may confuse your potential buyers and negatively influence your better rating on Google search. Google does not take into account only the data about your business which you deliver by opening Google My Business profile. Google is interested in the most recent information which you entered, and together with these, it will attach the data from other sources. It can be graded from Facebook, business directories data, prices from booking sites, etc.

Google will send a notification to the administrator that there is a request for change for information if it finds some new information on other sources. It is important to follow these notifications and other change suggestions! It is also possible to suggest changes on other profiles, including information about working time or some other information like another address which may cause serious problems if someone intentionally provides a false address!

Why is it important to update your Google Business account regularly

Your posts on Google My Business profile are visible for only seven days, and therefore it is important to update your profile by new posts regularly.

It is just like posted questions on Facebook profiles, comments on your products, Facebook inbox messages, or e-mail. It is important to control communication and reply in due time. This is a place where profile maintenance is obligatory.

Google My Business profile is the most economic way, in comparison to the paid AdWords advertisements, if you want your business to be set on the front page of Google search. With well-optimized Google My Business profile, your business will always be on the front page of Google search for free, as opposed to the paid Google AdWords advertisements.

We will help you find a way to optimize this tool so that it benefits you. If you want to ensure that your Google My Business is maintained professionally and that it makes no harm that unmaintained profile may cause, please contact us!