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Grow your business with a solution for all of your needs. Google Marketing has never been easier.

Why Google marketing ?

+6 Billion daily searches

Google is a sea of seemingly endless searches. How many of them were about your business just today?

Turn interest into action

Show your ads at the exact moment people show interest and start searching for what you sell.

Pay for clicks only

With Google marketing you don't pay for running ads but only real results. It’s simple – no click, no pay.

Google Search ads

Reach and engage your audience with compelling text ads that grab attention and get results.

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Google Shopping ads

Make your store stand out with eye-catching product pictures and details directly in your ads.

Google Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to track users who have previously visited your website or Facebook page and to show them your ads. Using messages tailored to your audience, remarketing helps you remind your potential customers to come back to your site and finalize the sales.

Want to be the first on Google?

We enable targeting and very accurate marketing campaigns. A well-run campaign carefully targeted to potential buyers through selected keywords, provides multiple return on investment and quick conversion of visits to purchases.

Your ad is seen by people who are really interested in it.

Pay per click – You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. When your ad shows but is not clicked by the user – you do not pay. This is why Google Ads has the highest ROI (return on investment) of all advertising platforms – not just on the Internet, but also with traditional advertising methods.

Fast results
Your ads will start running shortly after the campaign launches, so your prospective customers will find out about you instantly.

Your ads are showing to customers as they search for your product or service on Google.

Saving money – reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


professional setting
KM 275 pay once
  • up to 3 campaigns
  • keywords
  • display campaign
  • remarketing campaign
  • detailed reporting


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